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Here's something short I wrote for practice. It's inconsistent and choppy, since I wrote this in maybe 20 minutes or so, but it was mostly for the sake of playing around with new OCs anyway. They haven't been fleshed out yet, though. 


“You can run, but you can’t hide.” The smile that accompanied the words was both sweet and terrifying, and Domen couldn’t bring himself to look at it. He would surely feel sick if he were to do that. Ko had honed that effect to its max somewhere along the way of their complicated relationship.

“Ko, we can’t do this anymore. We mustn’t.” Domen’s voice trembled, just like his feelings for the man before him. Oh, how it hurt to look at Ko’s sharp chin and round turquoise eyes that shimmered in shades of green in different lighting. They used to look at Domen with promises for a better future, away from their shitty parents and a constricting society. Ko’s thick lips would enunciate those promises carefully into Domen’s ears between heated kisses.

“Who else would I want to be by my side when the inevitable happens?” Ko asked, thick eyebrows scrunching in dismay as he regarded Domen’s stiff, horrified expression. “Domen, join me. You know I could never hurt you.”

“But you’re hurting others,” Domen said, shutting his eyes as his hands clenched into fists by his sides. The emotional free dive he was taking was not good for his already weak heart. Ko knew it, too, and there was some concern written over his features.

Domen decided to ignore it – things had gotten out of hand a long time ago, and many lives had been destroyed because of Ko’s lunatic methods and plans to conquer… well, everything. Torn, Domen hadn’t been able to stop him then, and had simply watched as countless others had met their dooms while Ko’s cackling laughter echoed off the walls.

Standing there in the white-walled kitchen of their shared apartment, Domen had never felt worse. Never had he loathed himself more. Never had he regretted anything as much as he regretted not having put a stop to this insanity. Love truly was the greatest of binds – no better way to keep someone on your side, no better way to make the other to allow the madness to go on.

But no more!

No more. Domen had had enough of sleepless nights and moral dilemmas, of Ko’s obsessions and pretty words and lies.

Just one more time, Ko had kept on saying last night, too. Just once more, love.

Domen wouldn’t have said no if it was about sex – because sometimes an actual dick could distract him from the other dick – but alas, gone were the days of simple affection and physical manifestations of their love. And for what? For the sake of greed! Of unnecessary ambitions!

“They knew what they were getting into,” Ko said, his voice soft like his smile, and Domen felt his heart skip a beat.

Unfortunately, it was not a premature heart attack.

“Ko, sweetheart,” Domen whispered, even though he loathed endearments like these. “I can’t keep watch you do this anymore.”

“It’s just a game, Domen.”

“Is it really just a game, Ko?” Domen asked, hand rising to press at his chest, at his loathsomely loving heart. “You have changed since that day.”

“Not as much as you think,” Ko sounded just as desperate now, his bright eyes glistening as the morning sunlight flickered over him. This was too emotional of an encounter to take place in their small kitchen at 7.30 am, but after going over 23 hours without sleep, Domen could care less.

“Ko, I’m serious,” he whispered as a single tear rolled down to his cheek. “We cannot play Monopoly anymore. There have been too many victims.”

Ko looked absolutely heartbroken at this declaration, but Domen knew in his heart that this was for the best. Maybe one day Ko would understand.
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