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 Day 2: Genre of the story explained in detail.

I actually missed yesterday due to forgetfulness and sheer laziness, and possibly also because I wasn't quite sure what kind of genre applies to this particular story, as it mixes a lot of elements from different genres. Fantasy-adventure seems most fitting, since this whole idea of buying traits is fantastical. Adventure ties in pretty nicely with the idea of people upping their stats so that they can take on an adventure, which is a vague term in the world they live in.

Basically, regarding the adventure part of the story, I thought it would be something like Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, just with a different take on it, since these adventures aren't simply about finding lost cities and treasures. There will be a huge political aspect that will either hinder or be advantageous to the heroes, which means there's not necessarily Just One Main Villain that can be kicked in the ass and be done. It remains to be seen if the Antagonistic Force (as I shall call it) will be defeated in the end. 

Fantasy aspect remains in the stats gathering, otherwise the world and the story follow most rules of what we know, but there are several areas of life that the stats affect, so it will be interesting to bring that aspect in as well. 

But the basic gist is fantasy adventure, and because I'm awful at labeling things, I'll just leave it at that for now. 
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