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 Day 3: The PoV and Style of Writing.

The story will be written in third person with the PoV occasionally changing between the main squad with the rare switch to the antagonist's side for the sake of suspense but also for clarification. Initially I started writing the story in present tense, but now I'm starting to question myself and that decision -- maybe I should switch to past tense after all. But the scene I have been working on is more powerful in present tense, imo, but I can't justify the whole story just because of that one scene...

"Show, don't tell" rule can be very exhausting, though, and to be honest I'm never sure how well I ever apply that into my writing. If it comes, it comes, but I'm not trying to force it, since that would only make the text tedious to both write and read. 

I try to keep the style consistent and limited to the restricted third person narrator that is only omniscient regarding the characters whose pov the scene is from. It leans probably towards omniscient as a whole, though, since I will play around with PoV's a bit. 

Date: 27/12/2015 09:56 pm (UTC)
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this story is starting to sound super cool!! i think the pov exploration is cool, theres potential for some interesting different (maybe even conflicting??) perspectives!

and tbh i have a lot of trouble with show dont tell as well, but something i've found to be useful recently is i just write what i write in the first draft, even if its all boring straightforward description or over-elaboration, and when i go back to edit, it's easier to tell where i should be showing and where i should be telling and i can add in the appropriate modifications! good luck!!


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