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Something small I wrote, inspired by Bravely Second. I'm in love with the characters, and I'm in love with these gays. Just. Yeah. Spoilers are vague at best.


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 Day 3: The PoV and Style of Writing.

The story will be written in third person with the PoV occasionally changing between the main squad with the rare switch to the antagonist's side for the sake of suspense but also for clarification. Initially I started writing the story in present tense, but now I'm starting to question myself and that decision -- maybe I should switch to past tense after all. But the scene I have been working on is more powerful in present tense, imo, but I can't justify the whole story just because of that one scene...

"Show, don't tell" rule can be very exhausting, though, and to be honest I'm never sure how well I ever apply that into my writing. If it comes, it comes, but I'm not trying to force it, since that would only make the text tedious to both write and read. 

I try to keep the style consistent and limited to the restricted third person narrator that is only omniscient regarding the characters whose pov the scene is from. It leans probably towards omniscient as a whole, though, since I will play around with PoV's a bit. 
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 Day 2: Genre of the story explained in detail.

I actually missed yesterday due to forgetfulness and sheer laziness, and possibly also because I wasn't quite sure what kind of genre applies to this particular story, as it mixes a lot of elements from different genres. Fantasy-adventure seems most fitting, since this whole idea of buying traits is fantastical. Adventure ties in pretty nicely with the idea of people upping their stats so that they can take on an adventure, which is a vague term in the world they live in.

Basically, regarding the adventure part of the story, I thought it would be something like Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, just with a different take on it, since these adventures aren't simply about finding lost cities and treasures. There will be a huge political aspect that will either hinder or be advantageous to the heroes, which means there's not necessarily Just One Main Villain that can be kicked in the ass and be done. It remains to be seen if the Antagonistic Force (as I shall call it) will be defeated in the end. 

Fantasy aspect remains in the stats gathering, otherwise the world and the story follow most rules of what we know, but there are several areas of life that the stats affect, so it will be interesting to bring that aspect in as well. 

But the basic gist is fantasy adventure, and because I'm awful at labeling things, I'll just leave it at that for now. 
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Here's something short I wrote for practice. It's inconsistent and choppy, since I wrote this in maybe 20 minutes or so, but it was mostly for the sake of playing around with new OCs anyway. They haven't been fleshed out yet, though. 

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 So I found this and I really want to do it, so here goes nothing, I guess. This is the chance for me to ramble about my original writing projects without annoying my Twitter followers too much, I guess. 

Day 1: The name of the project and the backstory of the name. 

Well, this piece has the working title of intelligence and kindness, all bought and sold merely because the first thing I came up for the world was that these kinds of traits could be bought and used to increase and change people's characteristics stats. I got the idea from several video games, to be perfectly honest, and that's why there will be items that can boost stats when equipped to the person. "Equip" has a rather broad meaning here, though.

I'm terrible at titles, though, so I'll try to come up with a better name once I'm finished with the first draft for the story (and god knows how long that will take). 
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 Because I, for some reason, stayed up long into the small hours of early morning, I also had a chance to whine about my writing to a friend that began as us wondering why people see me as a Slytherin when he sees me more as Huffleclaw. (Pottermore always sorts me into Hufflepuff, too.) After some time, we ended up talking about my writing and this creative writing course I took this semester. I told him I've gotten some real nice feedback from my group there, and it's true: at least one of them said I'm ready to be published. I took and still take that comment with a grain of salt, despite it meaning the world to me.

The course and the feedback helped me to see how my writing has developed, to be honest. I used to be awful at writing humor, but the text I worked on this course has made people laugh. There are the technical issues that come with writing in a language that's not my mother tongue, but no one's perfect, and I'm mostly working without a beta. Another thing that I have started to appreciate more? Definitely my imagination. I have thought about so many cliched scenarios that somewhere in-between I started coming up with pretty nice ideas as well. Whether I can match those ideas with the writing they deserve is another question, but that too is just a matter of diligent working and just writing. 

This post doesn't really have a point, but the conversation made me think about things and like my friend said, I shouldn't be ashamed of what makes my writing mine, be it overdramatic angst (it has toned down into a more reasonable level, though that depends on the series I write for) or silly fluff that doesn't serve a point other than to show off domestic cuteness. 
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 So in addition to what I already have, I was offered a great Christmas fic idea by group chat on Skype, for KHR this time. 
  • eggnog leads to some indecent dance numbers (nothing overly sexual, mostly humorous)
  • candy canes are used to stab people (by Squalo) 
  • Tsuna's probably crying in the corner somewhere.
Then there's the crack ship my friend ships very hard. Also Byakuran is somehow involved. Sounds like the best Christmas fic I've ever written/will ever write. 

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 This year's been crazy for me when it comes to writing in all the best ways, but there's still a lot to do even though the year's close to the end:
  • hqhols assignment! I really need to get on track with that, fuck.
  • merfolk au!!!!!!!! this is less urgent, because I want to make it perfect, and rushing has never helped with that.
  • that one huge ass AU for One Piece....... I was supposed to finish it IN SEPTEMBER!!! it's at 17k words!!!! THERE'S A LOT OF WORLD-BUILDING!
  • ski jumping AU for KHR... I started it LAST JANUARY. 
  • color blind soulmate AU for 10069 and again KHR. I haven't started it yet, and I want to twist the "soulmate" aspect of it into a less typical direction, but I don't know how to do that yet. 
  • oh boy what else is there... all the gift fics for Momo! (DaiSuga blowjob fic, D51 "slept with a kindergarten teacher, now I FEEL BAD" AU, and some UshiOi as well) 
  • Kay's sin (that I have saved in at least two places just in case) 
  • continue my fantasy lesbian pirates 
  • continue my "buying traits" fantasy story as well 
The first one is the most urgent, obviously, but just look at this. This isn't even everything I have made some plans for. I love torturing myself.


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